General Remarks

Hello and thank you for writing me a Thing!

Things I like! crossovers and fusions, speculative and historical fic, fairy tales, identity porn, competence porn, literal porn (enthusiastic consent is A+; I am also okay with non-traumatic dubcon); shippy gen, natal family, found family, team feels, mentoring, access intimacy; bisexuality, battle couples, queerplatonic partnerships, arranged marriage, friends with benefits; fealty kink, polyships, polyam negotiation, kink negotiation, mild/informal bdsm, sex pollen, amnesia, non-penetrative sex, genderplay/crossdressing; second person fic, outsider POV, alien/nonhuman POV; a-spec, trans, nonbinary and/or neurodivergent characters

Things I dislike: noncon, mind control, alignment swaps, darkfic; ageplay/petplay, humiliation/degradation as kink, unsanitary kink, A/B/O and mpreg; most modern or mundane settings, modern AUs, reader inserts


Honestly I'd also be perfectly happy with F/M or F/NB for the last two!

F/M and F/Other

Why yes, I AM just a sucker for femdom and bisexual free-for-alls. *g* While I will absolutely not object to smut, I leave that up to your taste and discretion. For the latter two, I am more interested in blissful enthusiasm than in dudes being Crushed Under Heels.